"We couldn't have done it without Indievillage" - Raj Sidhu ANTLive Founder
"Indievillage sold our film internationally. It was such a success!" Justin Krumb. Director The Transparentsea Voyage

We work with filmmakers to develop effective distribution strategies to give their films the best global exposure. We specialize in theatrical, SVOD & TVOD and building audiences for your film before it's even finished. We create amazing strategies that can suit different amounts of moneybags.

We've built a mountain of expertise and key relationships in the following areas:

  • Theatrical Distribution

  • International Digital PR & Specialised Film Marketing

  • National and International Distribution Strategies for Theatrical, Community and VOD platforms, Impact Campaigns and Pathways

  • Audience Building - Grass Roots, Social Media, Traditional Media and National Campaigns

  • Social Media Management, Digital Assets and Content Creation and Eco-system Growth

  • Four-Wall Event Management, Premiere Screenings and Coordination

  • Local & International Distribution pathways, including putting your film onto iTunes, getting on cinema screens as a seasonal release and acting as a Sales Agent to sell your product internationally

We can become your trusty sidekick the following ways:


Indievillage know all about the current tools and secret weapons needed to sell films, within this crazy, crazy world of social digital multi platform confusingness. We have developed partnerships with a host of international companies and experts to help you get started.

Thinking outside the box, we provide consulting services that assist with every stage of your project. We will tailor our services to suit your needs.  We offer 30 min free consultation to discuss what we can offer your project and if your project is a good fit for us.


You may already have a great team in place but aren't sure exactly how to distribution your film. Knowing that every film is different, Indievillage can research your film and it's audience potential to create a distribution and marketing strategy that is targeted to give your film the best possible release. These strategies usually include 70 - 80 hours of research and years of experience.


We want your film to win! Indievillage take on a select number of projects each year and work directly with you to build your audience and create and run a cost-effective distribution strategy that targets areas of distribution where your film can thrive. If you are interested in working with us then please email us.


Indievillage have developed a new method of reaching a global audience using strategic partnerships and audience friendly technologies that give the audience a unique viewing experience. This is a very effective and tested strategy for filmmakers with limited budgets, wanting to get their film out to a larger audience. 


You can book a free 30 min consultation with us to chat about your project and see if we're a good fit for what you're after. Email us kelda@indievillage.org